from out of the haze comes better dayz

formerly cherrylipbalmmm; formerly clouded-obscurity; formerly clouded-clarityy; formerly inexistint-inhibition: ..onward and upward, my progression has been highly forthcoming and never stagnant.... here you can take a highly clouded view into the imaginative mind of a young nigga from tha south. i only disappear to come back with a vengeance. i tend to project my dreams onto this canvas we call earth, therefore making them my reality. so if you like it . i love it. you want it. i got it. you do it. i've done it. ....but dont hate me for that. && if you're blog's tight message me. but wait, SIDE NOTE: yes, i am a feminist. and yes, your assumptions about me, my beliefs, and the movement i stand for are most likely incorrect. nevertheless, welcome.. zone in && peace out.
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Keeshavia torontoverve




"I was about to leave for work the other day, so I stopped in her room to wake her up. And the first thing she said was: ‘Dad, I need a surprise.’ I said: ‘You need a what?’She said: ‘I need a surprise.’ So I ran to the store and got her a doll, brought it to her, and went to work.”
(Nairobi, Kenya)